Depression and anxiety are among the leading causes of insomnia. It is common for depressed individuals to experience severe and prolonged sleep disruptions, resulting in fatigue and poor performance at work or school the next day. A well-designed anxiety blanket can be a simple solution to promote better sleep. Using the blanket as soon as you notice that you aren’t sleeping well can help manage anxiety and get the restful sleep your body requires to feel fully recovered and prepared to take on your day.

anxiety blanketAn anxiety blanket is a weighted blanket, sometimes called gravity blankets, which have long been used in many medical centres and hospitals worldwide for many years. More recently, anxiety blankets came into mainstream media as people understood the numerous advantages of using such a blanket in their homes. In the last few years, the blanket has become quite popular, especially as more people are now deciding to use it to combat depression and anxiety that can impact their lives. Here are some advantages of an anxiety blanket to consider.

Anxiety and depression often result from the physical effects of stress. The blanket can be used as part of an overall approach to relieving anxiety and reducing depression by triggering relaxation responses, such as the so-called relaxation response. This physiological response is a mechanism that the body uses when it senses a physical threat, such as tightening muscles in the chest and abdomen. The compression of these muscles reduces the amount of blood flowing to the tense areas, which helps to reduce feelings of tension, anxiety, and panic.

The relaxation response is not the only physiological response that the body creates in the face of a physical threat. The release of certain hormones is also released, including the hormone serotonin. When there are adequate amounts of serotonin, the brain gets the message that there is no danger and relaxes. By inducing a deeper sleep state, the blankets can help to provide a better sleep environment.

Another use for the anxiety blanket is to help people who suffer from sleep apnea. These people are usually overweight and cannot easily breathe while they are asleep. The weighted blankets can help overweight people have a better breathing environment while they are asleep. They also can help people to breathe normally while they are awake, and this provides a greater chance for the individual actually to get a good night’s rest.

Another example of how they can benefit someone with chronic anxiety and insomnia is someone suffering from hypertension. High blood pressure typically has a negative impact on quality sleep, and the blankets can be used to combat the problem. Increased blood pressure can cause the heart to beat faster and use more energy to pump blood. In turn, this can lead to feelings of panic, nervousness, and frustration.

The symptoms of a panic disorder can often bring about a person being unable to fall asleep or stay asleep for the full eight hours. When the body is constantly overstimulated, it causes the immune system to become more activated. The increased activity in the immune system can increase the production of toxins that cause the body to be more irritable. By using weighted blankets to combat the symptoms of anxiety and insomnia, sufferers will find that they can sleep more soundly. More sleep means less anxiousness, less irritability, and ultimately, a better quality of life. It all comes back to a happier immune system.