Knee replacement is one the most frequently performed surgeries by highly qualified knee replacement surgeons Adelaide. As a result, it has become a prevalent treatment method. However, there are still many problems that are not well understood regarding this treatment. This article shall provide you with an overview of some of these problems.


A common problem seen in the medical literature is the potential for long-lasting problems associated with capsular contracture. It is where the scar tissue forms a tight band around the cartilage. While the knee replacement surgeons Adelaide of South Australia claim that total knee replacement is 100% risk-free, many patients report an overall decrease in flexibility within three to four months of surgery. Patients who initially had a reasonable degree of flexibility before the surgery are now experiencing difficulty in more challenging exercises. Other patients notice lessening in strength and are having trouble with their balance and coordination.


Another problem that some patients have experienced is a change in gait. During the first few days following surgery, they will notice an increased difficulty in walking and a feeling of instability. Because the knee replacement surgeons Adelaide of South Australia have experienced years of training in biomechanics. They are fully aware of how their body is reacting, and they are actively working on ways to correct this. These changes will take time to be noticed and will be addressed in future surgery.



Many people suffering from knee replacement also have severe arthritis. Some may experience symptoms such as stiffness and leg pain during the day. On the other hand, other people have severe arthritis that cannot be improved with medicine or exercise. In these situations, a surgical procedure may be required. During surgery, a pocket is made along the inside of the knee, and this pocket is filled with fluid injected to give the knee replacement surgeon room to operate.


Severe pain can also occur after a knee replacement surgery. If you are in this situation, the surgeon will explain what is happening to you and why you are experiencing this pain. The pain can come from the wound, blood loss, or swelling. Depending upon the circumstances, it can be necessary for you to have an MRI scan. This scan will allow your doctor to get a clearer picture of the bleeding and how big it is.


You do have some choices available to help prevent problems with your total knee replacement surgery in Adelaide. If you have any of the complications listed above, you should make sure you tell your surgeon about them so that they can address them adequately. While these complications are rare, it is essential to know that they do occur and that you can have them fixed before having the surgery performed. Your surgeon will give you the information you need to help prevent these problems from arising.