For expat Aussies following the Federal Election, there’s quite a good podcast I’ve come across from the News corp stable: Skynews’s Agenda 07 – an audio cast of their televised program (something I recommended SBS could get value out of some years ago).
Well worth a surf:
On that vein, it occurs to be a top 10 may be in order. Thus, here’s my top ten podcasts I listen to:

10. BBC Newspod – news and current affairs from the home country
9. The RSA’s Public Lecture Series
8. The BBC’s In Our Time – I’ve even begun not hating Melvin Bragg’s tendency to railroad his guests
7. Resonance FM’s The Bike Show – only for bike nuts
6. Geek Muse – Provided it’s not gone into terminal hiatus
5. Clute and Edwards Out of the Past – even for those with only a passing interest in film noir
4. ABC’s The National Interest – more politics from down under
3. ABC’s The Law Report – consistently interesting
2. The Slate Political Gabfest – mostly for Tom Dickerson’s coverage of the “horse race”
1. New York Public Media’s On the Media

A bit of a mixed bag, possibly over-heavy on established public media, but what the hey.thumbnail

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