The AEG brushless circular saw is a handy and fast tool that provides fast and accurate cuts. It features an 18-volt high-output motor and ergonomic handles for comfortable use. This model comes with two-year battery life and is compatible with most power tools. In addition, the tool features a safety switch and a blade guard to prevent injuries while cutting. You can easily switch the blade from one hand to the other and switch it on and off as required.

aeg brushless circular sawAnother feature of the AEG brushless circular saw is its quick-change blade system. Its spindle lock allows you to change the blade while working easily. The spindle lock is easy to use and ensures a secure grip. It also has a 360-degree rotating base, which increases stability. The LED light helps you work better in low-light conditions. This saw offers the perfect combination of power and value for money.

The AEG brushless deep cut saw is an excellent choice if you need to perform complex cuts in multiple layers of materials. Its high-performance motor helps you cut faster and more accurately. Its depth of 68mm makes it perfect for multi-layer cutting projects. Moreover, it has a handle with soft grips for comfortable work. In addition, the AEG brushless deep cut saw has an LED light for improved visibility.

The AEG brushless circular saw provides powerful performance and manageable control. The tool has a blower port, which improves the line of sight while cutting. The tool is lightweight and offers a good value for the money. With a 165mm depth and a 68mm blade depth, this saw is the perfect tool for a wide range of applications. It has a powerful motor and a great blade capacity, making it an excellent buy.

This tool is designed to deliver powerful and efficient cuts. Its super ergonomic handles and powerful motor ensure comfortable cutting. Its large base and LED light make it a reliable tool for multiple purposes. Its compact design and weight make it easy to use. If you need to cut multiple layers of materials, it has a 68mm deep cutting capacity. AEG brushless deep cut saw is designed to provide maximum functionality and value.

The AEG brushless deep cut saw has a 165mm blade. This is an ideal tool for professionals and home users alike. Its soft-grip handles and overmoulded back make it more comfortable to use. Its spindle lock provides an improved line of sight and precision when cutting. The AEG brushless circular saw is the perfect tool for any project with its power and versatility. Its compact design makes it an ideal tool for any job.

AEG Brushless Circular Saw

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